• Physical Education Survey Syllabus


    Teacher:  Mr. Jerry Curby MA, CSCS

    Phone: 439-4320 *1382

    Email: jerry.curby@hillsdaleschools.org


    Mens sana in compore sano!  -A sound mind in a sound body!


    Course Description


    Survey Physical Education is a class where all students, regardless of ability level, can work to enhance their level of fitness, skill and knowledge through a variety of fun and challenging activities. Students will be actively participating in numerous physical activities. Teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship will serve as the cornerstone of all activities. Students will engage in individual and team sports, to develop an understanding of the rules, skills and basic strategies. Personal fitness strategies will also be introduced and practiced. Students will be expected to enhance their level of fitness and conditioning through regular fitness training throughout the nine week course.


    Physical Education Survey is primarily graded on participation so it is imperative that students are present and actively participating every day in order to do well in this class.


    Students will be expected to provide their own lock to secure their belongings while in class.


    Here are some of the units covered in PE Survey:


    Strength Training and Conditioning


    Gymnastics Tumbling




    Floor/Field Hockey





    Fitness Training







    Written Excuses from a parent/guardian or doctor are necessary to excuse a student from participating. The written excuse should include:

    What the specific illness/injury is.
    What the student can and cannot do.
    How long the student will be unable to fully participate in a particular activity.
    Dated parental signature with contact information where parents can be reached during the day.

    Typically a student with an injury can participate in some aspect of the class that does not aggravate the injury. Example- A student with a hurt ankle can do seated work in the weight room; a student with an injured wrist can run, walk or ride the stationary bike.



                Participation                            70%

    This includes attendance, promptness, team/personal interactions, preparedness as well as effort.


    Evaluations/Improvement       30%

    Written or observational assessments of skills, techniques and tactics will be used. It is expected that students strive to improve fitness levels.


    Safety and Security

    Each student is expected to take an active roll in their own safety as well as looking out for the safety of others. Reckless or unsafe play will not be tolerated and should be reported to the teacher as soon as possible. Horseplay in the locker room area will not be tolerated. Any injuries should be reported to the teacher immediately.


    Students must lock their belongings in a locker during the class period. Locks are not provided. Sharing lockers is highly discouraged. Valuables should not be brought to class.


    The use of Cell Phones and personal music devices is not allowed in the gym or the locker room during school hours.


    Physical Activity is an integral part of a vital, active lifestyle

    Everyone needs to be physically active!!! Have fun in P.E. !