• Hornet Power!

    Instructor: Jerry Curby MA,CSCS 439-4320 *232 jerry.curby@hillsdaleschools.org

    Objective: Student-Athletes will be able to identify andutilize high intensity training techniques for the improvement of:

    Strength          Speed              Agility             Quickness                    Flexibility

    Methods: Student-Athletes will train utilizing instruction and participation inthe following activities:


                                        FreeWeight Training


                                        MachineWeight Training


                                        AlternativeStrength Training


                                        ManualResistance Training


















    Procedures:  Studentsmust be on time for class and be dressed in proper gym attire by 5 minutes afterthe tardy bell. Students will safely participate to the best of their abilitieswhile treating those around them with courtesy and respect. Students areexpected to stay in class area until dismissed to the locker rooms. Studentsshould report any unsafe conditions or injuries to the teacher immediately. Allstudents should have their own lock to secure their belongings. Do not bringvaluables into class. Sharing lockers is not permitted.




    Grading:                      Participation/Attitude  70%


                            -Outstandingparticipation is the expectation in the advanced physical education                            class!Participation Grade will be lowered one full grade for each excused non-     


    participation day over two. It isthe student’s responsibility to arrange for after-school make up time with theteacher. Unexcused days of non-participation cannot be made up.




                Improvement/Knowledge  30%


    -Based upon quarterly testing anddemonstration of proper techniques and skills.


    -Based upon teacher observation ofproper techniques and skills.










    This class will provide a stimulating environment forstudent-athletes to work toward upper limits of their potential. This trainingshould be part of not only the student-athlete’s current athletic goals butalso contribute to a desire for a vigorous active lifestyle for their lifetime!


    Hornet Power!
    Hornet Power is our athletic training PE class. The class was designed to improve strength, improve speed and quickness, and reduce the risk of injury associated with high school athletics.
    We accomplish these objectives through a variety of training methods.
    High intensity training, manual training, interval training, daily SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness), dynamic warm-ups, plyometrics, flexibility through individual and partner stretches, team and individual game days.
    We test 4 times a year, August, Dec, March, and June to ensure proper growth through our training techniques.
    Grades are based on 3 criteria:
    1. Daily Participation- All students will dress accordingly for daily exercise. They will also participate in all activities. If a student has an injury that prevents him/her from participating, that student will then be given alternative activities to perform. i.e.; Officiate on game days, Leg lifts for upper body injuries, organize equipment, etc.
    2. Performance- Based on pre and post testing. We test 7 exercises, Bench, Pull-Ups, Sit-Ups, Double 300 Shuttle Run, 40 yard dash, Pro Agility shuttle run, Trap Bar Dead Lift.
    3. Proper execution of all lifts and exercises.
    Hornet Power
    Mission Statement:
    The mission of Hornet Power is to provide a motivating, efficient and well-maintained environment for athletes to develop levels of strength, speed, agility and conditioning to the limits of their potential.
    Cornerstones of Hornet Power:
    *Safety at all times
    *Proper technique & spotting
    *Tremendous effort
    *Desire for Daily Improvement
    *Honesty & Accountability