RLC 2019

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, the Hillsdale Hornet BPA Team traveled to Jackson College to compete in the 46th Annual Regional competition. Approximately 500 students from ten different schools competed for the chance to compete at the BPA State Conference March 14-17 in Grand Rapids.  Seventy Hornets and three teachers (Mindy Eggleston, Sarah Sutliff, and Lauren Cornett) had a great day in Jackson.  The HORNET BPA team collected 85 awards and 48 students qualified to state. The top two teams in each event and the top five individuals qualify for state. Link to Daily News Article.
PLACE First Name Last Name Event
1 Kara Horn Administrative Support Team
1 Jada Miller Administrative Support Team
1 Reilly Powell Administrative Support Team
1 Hunter Sharp Administrative Support Team
1 Grace Olinger Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
1 Breanna Bildner Advanced Word Processing
1 John Maier Economic Research Individual
1 Lara Neumann Fundamental Accounting
1 Sarah Shreffler Fundamental Desktop Publishing
1 Ella Springer Graphic Design Promotion
1 Grace Shreffler Intermediate Word Processing
1 Melanie Foust Interview Skills
1 Abigail Baxter Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Emily Kimball Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Gavin LaFollette Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 John Maier Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Maddie Moore Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Rachel Rufenacht Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Sarah Shreffler Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Grace Vondra Parliamentary Procedure Team
1 Makenna Dietz Video Production Team
1 Rebecca Galloway Video Production Team
1 Hannah Lee Video Production Team
1 MaryEllen Petersen Video Production Team
2 Maya Hall Administrative Support Research Project
2 Emily Kimball Advanced Word Processing
2 Olivia Gendron Broadcast News Production Team
2 Kenzie Randolph Broadcast News Production Team
2 Leah Reiniche Broadcast News Production Team
2 Sarah Shafer Broadcast News Production Team
2 Rebecca Galloway Digital Media Production
2 Ethan York Entrepreneurship
2 Connor Steffes Extemporaneous Speech
2 Sarah Korn Fundamental Desktop Publishing
2 Vanessa Brown Global Marketing Team
2 Muriel Mackie Global Marketing Team
2 Katelyn Throop Global Marketing Team
2 Mia VanderHoff Global Marketing Team
2 John Maier Parliamentary Procedure Concepts Open
2 Rachel Rufenacht Prepared Speech
2 Breanna Bildner Web Site Design Team
2 Grace Olinger Web Site Design Team
2 Jayson Radabaugh Web Site Design Team
2 Samuel (Xander) Sallows Web Site Design Team
3 Hailey Granata Administrative Support Research Project
3 Ella Lewis Advanced Interview Skills
3 Rylie Dietz Digital Media Production
3 Carson Cooley Extemporaneous Speech
3 Ella Lewis Fundamental Desktop Publishing
3 Sarah Korn Intermediate Word Processing
3 Jayson Radabaugh Medical Office Procedures
3 Grace Vondra Prepared Speech
3 Nate Erts Systems Administration Using Cisco
4 Donovan Scott Administrative Support Research Project
4 Vanessa Brown Digital Media Production
4 Ella Springer Fundamental Desktop Publishing
4 Gabe Alley Fundamental Word Processing
4 Karissa Manifold Intermediate Word Processing
4 Sarah Shreffler Parliamentary Procedure Concepts Open
4 Stella McCourry Personal Financial Management
5 Mia VanderHoff Advanced Interview Skills
5 Kenzie Randolph Entrepreneurship
5 Samuel (Xander) Sallows Fundamental Word Processing
5 Annie Hamaty Interview Skills
5 Ryan Wood Medical Office Procedures
5 Annie Hamaty Prepared Speech
  Breanna Bildner Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Brylee Boyd Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Olivia Gendron Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Hailey Granata Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Kylee Hassenzahl Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Sierra Kelly-Scott Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Emily  Kimball Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Sarah Korn Diplomat Torch Award Winner
  Ella Lewis Diplomat Torch Award Winner