Update 5.16.21


Throughout the pandemic schools have had requirements for cleaning, sanitizing, face masks, social distancing and contact tracing.  These requirements have often been above and beyond what other work places or areas in the community experienced.  The school district adopted a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan in order to implement face-to-face instruction at school this year.  That plan has protocols on how/when we are to use face masks, social distance, etc... 

The positive progress being made for dealing with the COVID pandemic is encouraging and the change in the mandates for fully vaccinated individuals is a positive step forward.  The change to not require face masks outside for everyone is also a great advancement!

Having said that, schools are in a weird place at the moment because the required COVID-19 plans we adopted in order to conduct the in-person learning included some facemask requirements based on the Phases for re-opening the state created.  Many of our district staff members are vaccinated, but in the very short term for tomorrow, our district staff will keep the face mask protocols in place for school buses and inside the schools.  At this point, there are only a few students who are fully vaccinated, like the staff, we are asking those individuals to continue using their masks indoors or on the buses for tomorrow.    

Masks are not required outside starting tomorrow during school recess, sports events, and all other outdoor parts of the school campus.  This applies to all students, staff, parents, and spectators. 

We have been working diligently since this news broke and are actively trying to figure the mess created with different state departments and offices issuing orders and requirements for schools that overlap and at times conflict. Our school board is meeting tomorrow night and intends to update our district's plan to clarify things for all.  A new update will be provided for all students, families, and staff as soon as possible to confirm the updates for face masks of those with and without vaccinations.  

End of Update