• The Hillsdale Chess Club periodically hosts tournaments for any player with an established rank.  Ranks greater than 1000 are in the advanced group, ranks between 800 and 1000 are in the intermediate group, and ranks less than 800 are in the casual group.  First place in each bracket will win a prize.  The tournament director will reserve the right to adjust the cut ranks for each group depending upon the number registered for the tournament.
     How to establish your initial rank

     ~ I am a beginner and I know the moves of each piece

    o   Your initial rank is 750

     ~ I know the moves of each piece and I use basic strategy when I play

    o   Your initial rank is 1000

     ~ I am a strategic chess player

    o   Your initial rank is 1200

    Once you establish your initial chess rank you will need to play other ranked players to change your rank. Your rank will increase if you win and decrease if you lose. The larger the difference between your rank and your opponents rank the greater change you will see in your rank.

     How to find your new rank after each game you play.

     ~ Ask your opponent for their rank.

    ~ Visit the chess club page via Mr. Tucker’s web site CLICK HERE

    ~ Using the “Chess Ranking Calculator” link fill in the fields of the excel sheet.

    o   You will need to fill in your current rank, your opponent’s rank and a 1 if you won the game, 0.5 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

    ~   Write your new rank on the board next to your name in Mr. Tucker’s room

     Your rank will change after each match you play so it is very important that you update your rank after each game played. Even if the result is a draw your rank will change.

     ~ Once you finish a game please take the time to set the board back up.

     ~ If you do not finish a game and plan to come back the next day place a “game in progress” sheet on the board and that game will be saved. It is a good idea to take a quick picture of the board just in case a piece inadvertently gets moved.