• Government and Economics


    TEACHER: Mr. Potter

    PHONE: 439-4320 Ext. 286

    E-MAIL: dean.potter@hillsdaleschools.org

    Welcome to Government/Economics!  This course outline gives you a brief idea of course expectations.  Additionally, it will help guide the student towards success.  It is my hope that all students will not only meet class expectations but exceed them.  I am looking forward to another great school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.


    Mr. Potter



    • Students should turn in all assignments when they are due (late assignments will be accepted at half credit; all assignments are due on the second to last Friday before the end of each quarter)

    • Students may re-take tests that you failed.  I will count the higher of the two grades.  Please take these no more than a week after the initial test.

    • Students should take advantage of any extra credit opportunities that are given.

    • Students/parents should continue to monitor grades throughout the quarter through power school.   

    • Students should use the HIVE after school to get additional help on upcoming tests and/or assignments.  The HIVE is located in the library.   

    • Students that need additional help with the course may also see me at the following times.  I am available most mornings, at lunch time and after school.  Please let me know in advance so that I can best accommodate your academic needs.  




    American Government (One Credit):

    This one-quarter course is required of all students for graduation.  It will include a study of the historical concepts retained by our present form of government, a thorough study and analysis of the basic philosophies relating to our present constitution and the implementation of its principles with regard to the betterment of society.


    Economics (One Credit):

    This quarter course is required of all students for graduation.  It will include a thorough study of our free-enterprise system, methods of promoting our welfare, both individually and as members of various groups.  It will also include a study of current local, state and national economic problems.  Topics to be considered will include business enterprise, business cycles (cause and effect), the market-oriented economy, laws of supply and demand, wage-price-profit and how to live on your income.  Also, our importance as an individual consumer and as group consumers will be studied and evaluated.  



    Test and Quizzes: 40%

    Coursework: 30%

    Projects: 25%

    Homework: 5%


    A student’s final grade for the quarter is based on their regular quarter grade and their final exam grade.  The midterm/final exam is worth 20% of their final quarter grade.


    A    100-93% C+    79-77% D     66-63%

    A-    92-90% C      76-73% D-    62-60%

    B+   89-87% C-     72-70% F      59% and below  

    B     86-83% D+    69-67%

    B-    82-80%




    Homework is due at the beginning of the hour or it is late.  Late assignments are half credit.  The community service project and the veteran project are due on the date that they are due.  If you are absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get all make up assignments.  Tests also need to be made up soon after an absence.  Failure to make up a test will result in a failing grade on the test.  If you are on a long-term suspension or absent for an extended amount of time, the student must contact me so that the student does not fall further behind in their daily work.


    Students who have a low grade (D or E) may be assigned to my lunch period to make up missing assignments.  Failure to meet at lunch may result in Saturday detention. Periodically, I will be communicating via letter or call to keep parents posted on their child’s current academic status and/or behavior.  Moreover, you can also find all grades through PowerSchool.



    1. BE ON TIME

    • Arrive in the classroom before the bell rings

    • Go directly to seat before bell rings

    • 4  tardies = In-School Suspension  

    • 10 minutes late to class = 1 unexcused absence



    • Be ready to learn by bringing book, pencil, and notebook EVERYDAY

    • Turn homework in on time

    • Bring any other material that is asked of you



    • Students and the teacher will treat each other with respect

    • Be quiet when someone is allowed to speak


    4. BE IN CLASS

    • Go to school everyday!

    • See Student/Parent Handbook for more details on attendance




    • No pop, candy or food in the classroom (water is allowed)

    • Cell phones, IPOD’s, headphones and other electronic devices may be taken and given to the principal without warning at any time.  It is best to leave any of these electronic devices in your locker.   

    • Dress Code – see handbook  for policy




    It is up to my discretion as to which step to take first.  Severe discipline problems require principal investigation.    

    1. Student warning

    2. Call made to Parent or Guardian regarding poor behavior

    3. Disciplinary Referral (given to parents/guardian and principal)

    4. Lunch Detention or Saturday Detention




    1. #2 pencil and/or black or blue ink pen brought EVERYDAY

    2. Notebook with white lined paper brought EVERYDAY

    3. Folder for assignments/projects

    4. Book brought EVERYDAY