TEACHER:                            Mr. Jerry Curby, MA, CSCS

    PHONE:                                 439-4320 Ext. 1382

    E-MAIL:                                  jerry.curby@hillsdaleschools.org



    Course Description: In United States Government, students examine the foundations and origins of our political system.  Additionally, students will study the operation of major American institutions such as the presidency and the executive branch, the Supreme Court and lower courts, and the United States Congress. Study in the course also focuses on the election process, the roles of the political parties, the actions of interest and advocacy groups, and the impact of mass media. Students also discuss civil liberties, civil rights, civil responsibilities, and public policies.



    Instructional Philosophy:  


    1.       Students should come to class everyday expecting meaningful, bell-to-bell instruction.  It is especially important that students are active learners and as such each student is expected to participate in class discussions, and other activities.

    2.       Students need to be prepared to work both independently, and in groups.

    3.       Students should expect to participate in a variety of instructional activities.  These will include, but are not limited to; lecture/discussion, various debate formats, cooperative learning, technology based instruction, use of primary source documents, current events, and student driven activities such as projects.




    Grades are determined by adding the number of points earned and dividing by the number of points possible.  A student’s final grade for the quarter is based on their regular quarter grade and their final exam grade. 


    A          (93-100)                        C+        (76.5 - 79)                     D          (62.5 - 66)

    A-         (89.5 - 92)                     C          (72.5 -76)                      D-         (59.5 - 62)

    B+        (86.5 - 89)                     C-         (69.5 - 72)                     E          (0-59)

    B          (82.5 - 86)                     D+        (66.5 - 69)

    B-         (79.5 - 82)



    Daily assignments tend to be about 10 points each.  Tests are 100 points each. Daily work will make up about two-thirds of total points.  Therefore, daily assignments and homework are extremely important.  100% of assignments must be turned in to pass the class.   Current events news article reviews are due every Wednesday. 


    Textbook: Magruder’s American Government 2008